Dembra – against exclusion and hatred in schools

Our solution enables the Dembra offering to be scaled to more schools than was previously possible and to reduce the need for physical meetings between Dembra and the schools involved. Teachers are also given simple and easy access to customised teaching presentations and immersive materials for students.

In the autumn, our new solution for Dembra will be tested at several selected schools. Dembra is a skills development initiative for schools for the prevention of anti-Semitism, racism and undemocratic attitudes designed by the Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities.

“It’s been really exciting to work with Dembra to develop a toolbox that simplifies and streamlines communication from Dembra to the schools and then on to the students. Over time it has become more of a platform with a collection of resources and tools than a straight-up e-learning course. It’s going to be a lot easier for Dembra to reach many more schools than previously possible with traditional methods,” says tech lead Kris Lunde.

So far, 27 schools have been involved in the Dembra solution which will be further tested at selected schools throughout the autumn. This testing is especially valuable for the onward development of the website and the on-going assessment of an online offering as opposed to physical meetings and events.

“We often see that it is more practical to develop digital tools for our clients which give them access to information in an educational way – alternatives to dedicated e-learning courses. A focus on the user, simplicity and accessibility are always our priority when we are working with learning environments and internal communication,” says Creative Director Michael Linnemann.

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