DC Traineeship

We are looking for our next young and promising designer. You have probably just finished your design education, and have some freelance or other related job experience. You love digital projects, have passion for design and keep yourself updated on trends and movements in the design and tech communities. You are curious about technology and understand that design is a strategic tool to solve problems for real-life users.

You will work as an integrated part of our design team, with the aim of gaining real work experience. You will work on joint collaborations and independent projects, and will be assigned a mentor. We will also encourage you to go to seminars, exhibitions and take additional online trainings.

The traineeship has a duration of 6 months, starting 01.11, or sooner, and is of course paid.

Even if your education was not mainly digitally focused, we will give you a chance to shine. Solve the task described below, and send it to us by 30.09 at trainee@designcontainer.no. Show us what you got!

Task: Design a campaign site for a new brand of paint called ‘PAINT’ – for both desktop and mobile. You can choose to design a logo and/or the bucket itself in addition to the actual page or just focus on a campaign idea. The main focus should be on the web site. The target group is young people moving into their first home.

We have provided images for you to use as a starting point for the task. Please fill out the form below to request the download.

Call Managing Director Linn-Cecilie Linnemann at 450 17 701 for more information.