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04 / 09

Learning and onboarding  

Many companies and organisations have wide-ranging employee training requirements and many undergo great change with which employees need to familiarise themselves. It is also often important to ensure that effective onboarding programmes are in place and appropriate induction programmes have been set up for new employees.

We also provide pure e-learning courses on various platforms as well as customised digital solutions for internal training and on-boarding. Through our partnership with learning architect Øystein Ramseng, we take responsibility for the teaching, communicative, design and technical aspects of the solutions. Scroll down to find out more about selected case studies.


Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NSF)

Norsk Sykepleierforbund website

The Norwegian Nurses Organisation wanted to modernise the training it offers its representatives. The Norwegian Nurses Organisation has representatives across Norway in eight different tariff areas. The brief was to design e-learning modules for use as a supplement to conventional classroom learning.

The representatives need to familiarise themselves with and learn about large volumes of information and legislative material. The Norwegian Nurses Organisation wanted its representatives to be able to respond to questions from members and provide constructive advice on subjects such as wages, employment, working hours and inclusive working life on completion of their training. Many factors indicated that a conventional e-learning course would not be the most suitable option and it seemed that there was a need for greater digital restructuring.

Instead of a conventional e-learning course, we developed a portal where information is easily accessible and organised in an interactive and educational way. We focused on designing digital tools dedicated to the areas that representatives operate in such as law and contracts. The solution communicates with the Norwegian Nurses Organisation’s membership network to ensure that information retrieved is applicable to the tariff area in which they are working. We also made the solution available offline.

In partnership with the Norwegian Nurses Organisation, we developed training for its representatives by taking a new approach centred on e-learning and digital tools. All representatives were also given an iPad. The project was rolled out at the beginning of 2013 and results have been excellent. Contact us to find out more about this project.

DIFI – Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration (Agency for Public Management and eGovernment)

Quiz websize for Difi called den store Statsquizen

Since 2013, we have completed several projects involving the development of onboarding programmes and digital learning tools for DIFI.

One of the projects was an onboarding programme for all government employees which we called Good Start. This is a training option offered to all new employees in public sector departments and enterprises to help them familiarise themselves with the work and special requirements of the public sector.

One of the learning tools we have designed is a quiz entitled The Big State Quiz. DIFI wanted to raise knowledge levels about administrative procedures in government departments. Our solution was a quiz in which departments are able to complete both against each other and the ‘grass roots’ instead of a more conventional e-learning course.

We have also supplied several animations and films for conferences and learning environments.

The above comply with SCORM standards for web-based electronic educational technology. We use Moodle as our learning management system (LMS).


Webpage for Dembra

Against exclusion and hatred in schools

Dembra is a skills development initiative for schools for the prevention of anti-Semitism, racism and undemocratic attitudes designed by the Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities.

The project was initially about designing a film or other marketing materials to promote Dembra. On the basis of a thorough requirement analysis involving on the school’s and Dembra’s annual events calendar, we identified a strong need and potential for a full-scale digital tool ( is now an Internet portal offering learning resources, teaching aids, background materials and tips for further immersive study. takes as its starting point the experiences of schools and provides specific methodological tools for teachers and heads to use in day-to-day school life. The tools make it easier to work to combat exclusion and hatred in schools and simplifies both the processes and lines of communication within schools and with Dembra guides.

The project is managed by the Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities, the European Wergeland Centre and the Department of Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Oslo.

Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF)

The Trainer Role is one of the most popular NIF courses and a course that anyone working with children and sports needs to complete. In 2017, we redesigned both the content and the solution with the aim of getting more applicants to complete the course successfully as well as providing an enhanced learning experience. The course has just been tested and assessed in selected sports associations before it is finally rolled out to all associations later this year.