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06 / 09

Cultura Bank

In our work with Cultura, we have re-defined their communication strategy, developed a positioning statement and re-designed their digital solutions.

Cultura Bank approached us with a brief to migrate their website to WordPress and implement changes to its design and structure. On completion of the preliminary work, it became clear that the bank had underlying challenges with communication and message aimed at a target group as well as structure and content.

In the process of reaching the solution, we organised several workshops involving the manager of the bank, employees and customers. We reviewed the requirement for information, defined a simple content strategy and digitalised the bank’s Pengevirke magazine. The website itself was provided with comprehensive structural changes, a new look and a much clearer approach to communication.

A film was developed as a part of launching the new positioning statement; “A conscious bank” (En bank med samvittighet).

The results have been significant. In the first two weeks after the launch, the number of call centre enquiries increased five-fold and website traffic boomed. During the same period, the bounce rate went down, something that shows that users found the content both engaging and relevant. We were lucky with our timing as other banks came into the spotlight as the Panama Papers were published. This explains something of the rapid growth. We have examined all the KPIs that were set and the website now continues to deliver solid figures.

Cultura Bank is the only bank in Norway that tells customers what kind of loans their money is used for. The bank was founded in 1996 and currently serves both private and business customers.

Project: Strategy, design, web solution and film.

Cultura Bank webside og profil Design Container